Monday, October 21, 2013

Chickamauga: One of Jackson County's Deadliest Days

The Battle of Chickamauga on Sept. 19, 1863 was terribly bloody for Jackson County. As recounted in Jonathan Sheppard's masterful history of Florida's troops in the Confederacy's western theater, By the Noble Daring of Her Sons, Florida soldiers were heavily engaged in combat. Jackson County suffered thirteen deaths at the battle, possibly making Chickamauga the deadliest event in the county's history.

Jackson County's Chickamauga Honor Roll

Thomas Anderson     29yo G6FL 9/19
Lorenzo Basford        22yo I4FL 9/20
Benjamin Bradberry  22yo E6FL 9/19
Twiggs H. Darby       27yo C6FL 9/21
John Dickson             16yo F2FL 9/21
James Fair                  18yo E6FL 9/19
John Gay                    21yo F6FL 9/19
Richmond F. Hart       30yo E1FL Cav 9/19
Lt. James Hays           42yo D6FL 9/19
Green Keel                 18yo F6FL 9/19
George W. Revels      24yo E/F6FL 9/19
David D. Rogers        28yo I4FL 9/20
Sgt. S. F. Stanton        31yo D6FL 9/19

 William A. Green, of Co. K 25th Alabama, passed away four weeks after he was wounded in battle. In addition, at least 9 Jackson County soldiers, mostly from Co. E of the 6th Florida, were wounded at Chickamauga.