Monday, July 02, 2012

Charles, F. Crosby, a Panhandle African American, Recounts His Experience in the 86th USCT

From Donald R. Shaffer's "Civil War Emancipation" blog come Charles Franklin Crosby's responses during a pension application interview. Crosby goes into detail about his background, service in the 86th USCT, and his remarkable post-war experiences. It's so rare to find these first person statements from African Americans about their army service.  He was raised as a slave near Geneva, Alabama on the Florida side of the border. I'm assuming he's from Holmes Co. but I don't see the Eli and Polly Nunn family he mentions as his owners on the 1860 census listings for the panhandle counties.  
Here's the link to Shaffer's account (which also appears in his book Voices of Emancipation: Understanding Slavery, the Civil War, and Reconstruction through the U.S. Pension Bureau Files (2008)):

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