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Jackson County Civil War Database: The Unknowns

My goal for the Jackson Co. FL Civil War Database project is to try to get a handle the devastation of the war on Jackson County as represented by the deaths of its men connected to military service. To make any kind of statistical sense of the numbers, we need a stable, fixed pool to evaluate.  I've chosen the 1860 census for that purpose.  Yes, I know that some residents were not counted in that census, some departed from or moved to Jackson Co. in the interim between the census taking and the end of the war, and some "absentees" or newcomers enlisted in Jackson Co. companies or are even buried in Jackson County.  But I'm not counting these 1860 absentees or newcomers, because then there will never be a goal post in sight.  The pool of 1365 white males of military service age  (which I'm defining as from age 13 through 46 inclusive in 1860) is a significant pool and large enough, I believe, to assume that these absentees and newcomers even out (any statisticians want to chime in?).

Last post I mentioned I was resonably confident that 240 Jackson Co. men (whites of military age), who appeared in the 1860 census, died in or as a result of military service.  But I also mentioned that there are about 240  (i) white males of military service age in the 1860 Jackson Co. census, (ii)  who do not appear in the 1870 Census; and (iii) whom I cannot otherwise reasonably confirm as surviving the war through various sources (e.g., other census searches, genealogy sites, CSRs etc).  I stress "reasonably" confirm, because if someone has a discharge or is listed as captured on their CSR in April 1865, I'm crediting him as "s/w" (survives war).  If the discharge or capture was from earlier, I'm putting them in the "unknown pool."  The goal is not to guess but be as confident as we can that these men lived to see the war's end.  If we can find out their actual living place in 1870 and their date and location of death, even better. I'm also tracking military units.

To push this project forward, I'm posting below my list of 237 unknowns with their ages in the 1860 census.  Several of these men are here, it will be obvious, because they have very common names or share names with other Jackson Co. men of simliar ages and it was impossible for me to be "reasonably" sure in later records which man was which.  A lot of these guys, about 90, I have FL unit listings for.  Some are puzzling because they are familiar names, but with no post-1865 records on line. I very much welcome anyone's help on this.  You will be credited for the information you share. As I've written before, I'm actively seeking people to collaborate with.  History belongs to everyone.

Bevis, James P. 13

Bird, James 13

Blount, Jacob A. 13

Brantley, Francis A. 13

Cook, Eldridge 13

Johnson, William 13

Johnson, William 13

Johnson, William 13

Long, Joseph J. 13

Nugen, Wiley 13

Padgett, John 13

Plair, John S. D. 13

Powers, Henry 13

Rawls, Franklin 13

Register, Ezekiel 13

Shealds, Joseph 13

Webb, Vinson 13

Williams, Thomas 13

Wilson, David 13

Bayles, Irwin 14

Dainn, Thomas W. 14

Hurst, William 14

Jordan, Arthur C. 14

Lacey, Judson R. 14

Middleton, John M. 14

Morrow, Hugh E. 14

Padgett, J. C. 14

Parker, James 14

Parsons, William 14

Patterson, James 14

Rains, Sinaka 14

Alford, Jessee 15

Beckwith, William 15

Blackburn, Charles H. 15

Calhoun, W.B. 15

Conner, Robert 15

Maddux, Samuel D. 15

Parker, Asbury 15

Wadford, Wesley 15

Coulliette, George 16

Hall, Ferney 16

Jones, Arnobius 16

McDaniel, George S. 16

McNealy, William 16

Parsons, Joseph 16

Smith, Alexander 16

Whitesides, William 16

Berry, Henry 17

Bowles, Henry 17

Brantley, Harris M. 17

Carlisle, Benjamin 17

Carter, Stafford 17

Dickson, Benjamin 17

Lacey, William W. 17

Skipper, C. J. 17

Spence, Richard 17

Stanley, Jerry 17

Turner, John 17

Baxter, John D. 18

Coulliette, Joseph 18

Cox, Green 18

Davis, Columbus 18

Dykes, Riley 18

Jackson, Andrew 18

Long, Aaron 18

Owens, Richmond D. 18

Owls, A. H. 18

Parson, Joseph 18

Powers, Alonzo W. 18

Taylor, William 18

Carroll, Thomas 19

Lacey, James M. 19

Larimore, Russel 19

Roberts, John 19

Sapp, Noah 19

Webb, John M. 19

Williams, Nathan 19

Arnold, Thomas 20

Avery, A. W. 20

Brett, James W. 20

Croom, William 20

Daniels, Harrison 20

Lockey, Simeon 20

Boyd, Dawson 21

Devaughn, Robert 21

Herbert, George 21

Johnson, A 21

Jones, M. W. 21

Raiborn, Atha 21

Shepherd, Nathan 21

Sims, James 21

Spence, William 21

Stanley, John N. 21

Daniels, Samuel 22

Hall, Burrel 22

Hart, Thomas 22

Howard, Abraham 22

Johnson, Daniel F. 22

Knight, John 22

Long, O.R.F. 22

Munn, George C. 22

Pare, E. C. 22

Powers, William E. 22

Sapp, Allen 22

Simpson, Joseph 22

Simpson, Joseph 22

Stewart, James 22

York, Martin 22

Anderson, Joel F. 23

Bradberry, William 23

Hall, James W. 23

Heiring, Martin 23

Lee, Thomas 23

Oppenheimer, Edward 23

Pelt, Francas 23

Rogers, Reuben 23

Russell, James 23

Williams, William 23

Bayles, John 24

Bunch, Daniel 24

Bush, E. B. 24

Coonrod, Rowell 24

Crouche, Matthew A. 24

Cutts, Elisha 24

Gammon, John W. 24

Gilbert, Thomas 24

Larimore, Thomas H. 24

Rhodes, William 24

Robinson, John I. 24

Simpson, Benjamin 24

Sullivan, James 24

Wood, Wright 24

Cadle, William 25

Fields, John C. 25

Finley, Lewis 25

Hofheimer, Samuel 25

Kilbee, John C. 25

Lambert, Jasper 25

Neel, Lafayette 25

Owens, William E. 25

Patterson, Joseph J. 25

Rivers, Richard 25

Sims, Jasper 25

Vickery, Joseph S. 25

Bissell, Calvin 26

Compton, William W. 26

Dickerson, Samuel 26

Hall, James C. 26

McSwain, Daniel. E. 26

Perryman, A. 26

Plair, J. M. 26

Stanley, John 26

Ward, John W. 26

Webb, Manning A. 26

Corbett, Nicholas 27

Griffith, Joseph H. 27

King, John D. 27

Raburn, John L. 27

Riles, J. M. 27

Turner, James T. 27

Hollice, John 28

Lambeth, Allen 28

McCoy, W. C. 28

Saunders, William A. 29

Bazzell, Benjamin 30

Brock, Evan 30

Finley, Henry F. 30

Hart, Thomas 30

Maples, Thomas 30

Owens, John 30

Price, W. H. 30

Snipes, Martin J. 30

Sweringen, John L. 30

Taylor, William 30

Williams, Berry 30

Allison, William 31

Brantley, Thomas D. 31

Ernest, E. G. 31

Hendley, William J. 31

Russell, S. B. 31

Merriman, Joshua J. 32

Bullock, Robert 33

Godwin, Spartman 33

Houston, Thomas 33

Scurlock, Thomas J. 33

Bryan, William 34

Colwell, George 34

Daniel, B.M. 34

Baxter, Jacob E. 35

Cowen, James A. 35

Hall, James 35

Harrison, Edwin 35

Hartsfield, Charles N. 35

Jackson, J. W. 35

King, John D. 35

Newsom, Daniel A. 35

Sims, Isaac 35

Stephens, Benjamin 35

Bazzell, James A. 36

Boatwright, Isaac 36

Dozier, E. M. 36

Elmore, John W. 36

Faulk, George 36

Gainer, William 36

Hurst, Franklin 36

McDaniel, Henry 36

Hughes, William H. 37

Pender, James W. 37

Smith, John 37

Watson, Nathan S. 39

Brooks, William 40

Brown, Rufus 40

Buchanan, Henry 40

Carlisle, Wilson 40

Cobb, Columbus C. 40

Cook, Thomas F. 40

Dade William 40

Farley, William A. 40

Land, Thomas J. 40

Sullivan, James 40

Dillard, Joseph 42

Gilbert, Alexander 42

Allen, Isaac 44

Cox, Allen J. 44

Harvey, William B. 44

Moree, Moses 44

Whitesides, John 44

Belcher, Arvin 45

Bird, Archibald 45

Brown, James 45

Devaughn, George 45

Powers, William 45

Spence, William 45

Williams, John 45

Middleton, Stevens 46

Wilcox, J. A. J. 46

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