Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Current Project

I am currently transcribing and annotating a series of 21 articles published by T. Thomas Fortune in 1927 titled "After War Times." In these articles, Fortune recalls his boyhood in Marianna, his involvment in the politics and patronage system of Florida Reconstruction, and his move to Washington where he attended Howard University. The articles give an eyewitness account (though somewhat clouded by the passage of years) of events and individuals - many of whom are mentioned in my articles and this blog.


Anonymous said...

are you still doing this? have you finished? i'm very curious because i'm doing my graduate work on TTF. i've been thinking a lot lately about these articles and this period in the Fortunes' lives.

best of luck.

Jen Moses

Signora A. Ricci said...

Hello--Are you still working on the project of transcribing the articles "After War Times"? TT Fortune is my GG Uncle, and I have been gathering and curating info for genealogy and family history.I believe I may have a copy of these as well.Perhaps I may be of some help in transcribing.

I enjoy your blog and come back often for new material. Please drop me a line at your earliest convenience as i am very anxious to work wth this again and perhaps discuss. My mother (His Great Niece) is getting up in years and has information to add to this. His granddaughter is alive today as well.

Signora A. Ricci said...

I posted the above note on October 13, 2013.